Washington Township is PROUD to recognize the following men and women who are currently serving in the United States Armed Forces!

United States Air Force
  • Alex Burgess
  • David Cellarius
  • Eric Clayton
  • Billy Mack
  • Andre’ Nunez

United States Army
  • Scott Adduci
  • Jason Berlongieri
  • Steve Hasse
  • Gary R. Patzer
  • Michael Pinkel
  • Ronald D. Rosolowski
  • James VanDerLinde
  • Ron VanDerLinde
United States Army Rangers
  • Josh Berlongieri

United States Marines
  • Michael Dominguiz
  • Ryan Griffin
  • Ron Howard
  • Jonathan Krull
  • Josh Mach
  • Joseph Mangiaracina
  • Ryan Miller
  • Sean P Perry
  • Ashley Rucker
  • Matthew Schroeder
  • Scott Tosi
  • Michael Whelton IV
  • Tim Witvoet

United States Navy
  • Robert T. Keilman
  • Thomas F. Polzin
  • Jeffrey Roggemann
  • Zach Wehling

United States Army Reserves
  • Jose’ Ayala
  • Eric Grutzius
  • Jason Regino

If you have a family member who is serving in the military and would like to include them in the Service Stars of Washington Township, please contact the township office!