Washington Township Medical Loan Closet

The Washington Township Medical Loan Closet was created in 2004 to serve the residents of Beecher and Washington Township.

Residents may borrow various medical equipment for short term needs by calling the township office and completing the necessary paperwork.

The closet has a large selection of equipment available, including:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Commodes
  • Toilet Risers
  • Shower Chairs
  • Canes
  • Crutches

The closet is run by volunteers and is not connected with any home health agency.

All items have been donated to Washington Township and the availability of items is based on donations received and current equipment already out on loan.

A prompt return of any borrowed item(s) is appreciated so that we may fill the needs of other residents.

To contact the medical loan closet please call:

(708) 946-2026