Washington Township’s Activities, Programs and Services


Washington Township, established in 1856, provides the statutory responsibilities of general assistance, road maintenance, and property assessment assistance. In addition to those responsibilities we are proud to provide the following services and programs:

  • General Assistance
    1. Emergency assistance
    2. General Assistance Advocacy for those in need with governmental and social service agencies
  • Voter Services
    1. Voter registration
    2. Early and absentee voting place
    3. Precinct 2 polling place
  • Real estate assessments & records
  • Washington Township Dial-A-Ride Transportation
  • Will Ride transportation service
  • RTA reduced fare permits
  • Free Notary Public service
  • Senior programs
  • Youth Programs in cooperation with the Village of Beecher
  • Medical Closet
  • Food Pantry
  • Temporary & Permanent Disability Parking Placards
  • Electrical Aggregation Agreement
  • Co-sponsor "Concert in the Park" music events with the Village of Beecher

Washington Township Road District Responsibilities

The Washington Township Road District is responsible for the following:

  • Plowing snow and applying ice control to approximately 70 miles of roads
  • Maintaining roads, shoulders and culverts
  • Maintaining township bridges
  • Maintaining township warning, regulatory and street signs
  • Mowing ditches three times per season
  • Trimming and removing trees where needed for safe sight distance
  • Removing trash and dead animals from roads and roadsides
  • Issuing overweight and oversize vehicle permits
  • Distributing Motor Fuel Tax funds
  • Issuing culvert permits for new construction sites
  • Keeping all township equipment in repair
  • Managing the Road District in budget